Monday, October 09, 2006

Q: What is RSS?

A: It’s Really Simple Syndication. And it’s good for your karma.

Imagine The Guru is off meditating in Communicado for 39 days. (It’s a lovely spot.) You keep diligently checking The Guru’s Guru every few days for updates, quietly getting increasingly frustrated. After a month, you give up your search for enlightenment, and start avidly reading News Corp blogs, naturally beginning a spiral towards spiritual oblivion. On Day 40, The Guru returns, and posts the very article that would have set nirvana within reach.

But things would be very different if you used RSS.

It allows you to check for new Guru’s Guru posts just by glancing at your homepage, assuming (like it’s RSS-customisable. If it is, check its RSS help section for details and paste in the following address:

Really simple. Now where did I put my suntan lotion...?



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