Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Your New Star Sign

As promised, here’s a table for finding your true star sign, according to Al’s Theorem, if you were conceived and born in the Southern Hemisphere. Each Southern Hemisphere star sign is six away from the Northern Hemisphere sign.

Just find your old star sign on the left, and you’ll see your new, adjusted sign on the right.

NB. The theory is that your star sign would probably be keyed to your due date rather than your actual date of birth. So if, say, you were born 3 weeks premature, I suggest using a date 3 weeks after your date of birth when calculating your (Northern or Southern Hemisphere) star sign.

If your due date was on or near the cusp between two signs, refer to the dates in the Guide To Your New Star Sign instead, and remember that you will likely share traits of both adjoining signs.

OK, so now you’ve looked up your new star sign, time to try it on for size! Click the relevant star sign above to look it up in my Guide...

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