Friday, February 02, 2007

Celebrity Love vs Sex

There seems to be a Celebrity version of just about every contestant-based show on TV. (OK, so there’s no Celebrity Dancing With The Stars!) But fear not, I’m not going to do a Celebrity version of each post. This is basically a continuation of Love vs Sex, using some hapless celebs as fodder...

Celebrity personal lives have a habit of being disastrous. And ‘media intrusion’ is not generally the real culprit — it’s all about notches on bedposts.

Call me psychic, but I wasn’t altogether surprised to hear that things didn’t work out between Charlie Sheen, who claims 5,000+ conquests, and ex- porn star Ginger Lynn Allen. Ditto Gene Simmonds, the Kiss singer who claims to have bedded 4,600+ people, and Diana Ross.

Jordan fancied settling down, so changed her name to Katie Price and found a nice guy to marry. She likes that he loves her. But if (or when) she fancied a sea change, no problem! (We may have to wait a year or two for that one to play out, though.)

Jamie & Katie, from Australian Big Brother 06 are another reality series hook-up that happened before our eyes. Katie said she was a virgin, while Jamie bragged about sleeping with over a dozen people during a few weeks abroad. Katie fell hopelessly in love with Jamie, who was flattered, but also felt cornered. The relationship went into meltdown soon after they left The House, ie soon after Jamie’s pool of potential conquests increased from one or two to thousands. Katie was widely derided as unintelligent. But she got what so many seem not to — when it comes to your cherry, you can’t have your cake and eat it!

Continued: In the conclusion, Love vs Sex: The Live Final, The Guru answers such perplexing questions as ‘How many is too many’ and ‘Will fewer partners mean more happiness?’ He also has another go at ‘boil on the backside of humanity’ Charlie Sheen...

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