Monday, April 09, 2007

Guru Receives International Acclaim

Yes, my thanks to a (2CV-obsessed) visitor from the UK for the kudos. As well as the UK, Guru receives visitors from the US, Canada and, of course, Australia. But other recent visitors have surfed here from such diverse countries as China, Israel, Kuwait, Latvia, Mexico and Poland*.

So you will doubtless be excited to hear that Guru is now available in 20 languages! Well, not actually the whole site. But the word ‘curiosity’ is. (Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day!) Here are the translations:

thagmë {Albanian}, zvìdavost {Czech}, nysgerrighedsforskning {Danish}, nieuwsgierigheid {Dutch}, merkillisyys {Finnish}, curiosité {French}, merkwürdigkeit {German}, kíváncsiság {Hungarian}, curiosità {Italian}, peeikearagh {Manx**}, nyskjerrighet {Norwegian}, curiosidade {Portuguese}, ciudãţenie {Romanian}, znatiželja {Serbo-Croatian}, curiosidad {Spanish}, nyfikenhet {Swedish}, ilginç şey {Turkish}, tính hiếu kỳ vật kỳ lạ, tính ham biết sự tò mò, sự ham biết {Vietnamese}, cywreinrwydd {Welsh}

* Could my dream date be a step closer to fruition...?

** This form of ancient Gaelic formerly spoken on the Isle of Man is sadly seldom translated into, and devotees of the language are sure to be happy that it is represented here. However, note that there doesn’t appear to be an exact translation for ‘curiosity’ — ‘peeikearagh’ approximates to descrying or peeping. Alternatives would be ‘fysseragh’, meaning inquisitive or prescient, or ‘cooishagh’, which means artful or wily.



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