Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The (Unrepresentative) BB07 Housemates

Year after year, Australian Big Brother selects a bunch of easy-going extraverts, similar in age, philosophical beliefs, ethnicity and attractiveness. Big Brother has been embraced all over the world, and elsewhere things are a lot more interesting.

African Big Brother fills its House with people from countries across the continent, with widely differing cultures and traditions. BBUK has diversity coming out of its ears! And Australian Big Brother? Well this year we’re promised "representative housemates”. But what are the chances Big Brother will deliver?

Here are the 12 original HMs. Yup, same ol’, same ol’...

What’s wrong with this picture?
“But you’re forgetting about the other 6 possible HMs”, you’re muttering at the computer screen.

Well let’s have a look at the voting figures*: Susannah 65%, Zoran 45%, Harrison 30%, Cruz 25%, Demet 20% and Kara 15%. Great. So Susannah and Zoran have gone in as HMs, and Big Brother is busy giving the other 4 a kind of ‘Guantanamo Bay experience’ to determine the final place. Susannah is 30, but a ‘young’ 30, and nothing much has changed.


People like “Men are still superior” Cruz should be in there from Day 1, being challenged on their beliefs and viewpoints by the other HMs. But the producers don’t seem to have a clue.

Will Big Brother keep his promise? The Guru will get back to you...

* 10 mins before close of voting, 23/4/07

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