Saturday, December 09, 2006

Canadians At Twelve O’clock!!!

If you’ve caught any news reports of the Australian Mufti, Sheikh Taj El-Deen El-Hilali, speaking in English, you may well have thought that his English was so poor as to make his words incoherent. You would probably have made the assumption, though, that the head Islamic cleric in the Country was lucid and incisive, at least in his own language. But the translation of his highly controversial Arabic sermon on theft and adultery tells a different story.

And behind every man who is a thief, a greedy woman. She is pushing him.

Not our women in Australia, the women of Canada... The hall up there is full of women.

They are the women of Canada and Mexico are the ones who encourage their men... to do what? Go! Get me!

Yes, it’s true, there are masses of women in Canada — around half the entire population!

Well, there are certainly plenty of male thieves in Australia. But the Mufti says, behind each is a greedy woman — and this woman is going to be either Canadian or Mexican. This intelligence could be invaluable to crime-fighters in this country and some 150 others. “I first became suspicious he stole the necklace when I discovered he once consorted with known Canadian, Elizabeth Arden.”



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