Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Truth about Turkey-gate

OK, so you’ve read The Plight of John & Ashley, but you’re still left with questions aplenty. Well here are your answers:

What actually happened?

Camilla crawled between Ash and John on a bed and playfully said “You're not going to turkey-slap me, are you?” When they said they weren’t, Camilla giggled and replied “You are, you liars; let me in!” John held Camilla’s arms, while Ash nudged Camilla’s cheek with his penis. Afterwards, Camilla continued to cosy up with the boys, flirting and displaying mock indignation about the turkey-slap to other HMs.

Was there consent?

Clearly. But I’m reminded by Thursday’s Find Me a Family — where a man revealed he’d been married over 60 years and never saw his wife naked — that not everyone’s as broadminded as Camilla. So if you’re having problems seeing past the words ‘penis’ and ‘held’, picture it being about tickling instead. The dynamics are clear — there’s not merely consent; Camilla is instigating the turkey-slap, and the scene plays out exactly as she intends.

So why did the media vilify John & Ash?

Headlines like ‘BB gives sociological insight’ don’t sell newspapers. The papers love to hate BB, and most journos don’t watch it enough to ‘get it’, only enough to embellish their scandals. Networks 7 & 9 are in competition with Network 10, so they feel it is in their interests to run stories which could help get the show axed. And John Howard’s personal campaign to get BB off our screens, based on his out-there religious beliefs, I’ve already gone into.

And why didn’t Ash, John or Camilla speak out?

They were gagged by their contract with producers Endemol Southern Star / Network 10, who were running scared after already being forced to cancel BB Adults Only, and who, in their panic, didn’t handle the situation at all well. John & Ash were given an interview with Gretel, but this wasn’t enough to restore their good name — the media was out for blood. They ran unjust stories, and John & Ash’s contracts with the production company left them without a right to reply.

So does this story have a happy ending?

Well that depends on you! If enough people realise that John & Ash (Michael Bric & Michael Cox) have been shafted by Network 7’s Today Tonight and the media at large, then there could yet be a happy ending.

As for Camilla Severi, she was BB06 runner-up. She’s just announced she’s expecting a baby — who knows, perhaps a BB27 HM in the making!

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