Friday, May 11, 2007

End of the Kate Bitchathon

The first official evictee of BB05 was Angela. “Who?” you ask. Kate won’t be so soon forgotten. And not just because of the controversy with the crying robot babies.

Kate’s time in the House, albeit brief, raised some interesting questions about bitchiness. For a start, how much of hers was as a result of the sad loss she’d experienced 18 months earlier? By Day 9, when the baby-caring task was announced, she would doubtless have taken stock and realised her behaviour thus far hadn’t exactly fostered popularity. What followed from Kate was a mixture of genuine reaction and manipulation.

After threatening to walk in the Diary Room, Kate went to the Chill Out Room with Thomas. “I used to be so passionate about what I wanted to do with my life, and I'm not anymore”, she said with conviction. But as she continued, Kate’s eyes rolled around as she looked upwards, a sign that her mind was working overtime: “And I don't look after my appearance much anymore”. The epiphany: she could use this situation.

The eyes settled down and she went on, “It's intimidating coming in here with, like, the Emmas and the Susannahs, and even Hayley and TJ and — well, you know, not so much Hayley...” (Way to slip in a bit of cattiness, Kate!)

Kate is comforted
Kate — the centre of attention

BB explained to her that the task had been withdrawn, and she then talked to the HMs en masse about her loss. “...I'm really sorry that I've been such a loud-mouth friggin’ outspoken bitch all week”, she continued, after neatly segueing through body-image issues.

The biggest insight into how bitchy Kate is day-to-day came during her interview with Gretel: “I really did need a gay male, though, didn't I, to bounce off, because I just had nothing to work with in there”. No prizes for guessing whether Kate’s gay friends are Davids or Robs!

Kate’s ‘support network’ of friends has obviously been nurturing her bitchy side — probably for years — alienating her from most of her peers. What she began to realise during her last 5 days in the House is that you can have stronger, warmer relations with a wider range of people when you don’t bitch 24/7. It’s a shame we didn’t get to watch that pan out.

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