Friday, May 18, 2007

Post-Bo-J: The Struggle to Stay Awake

The struggle to stay awake’ is the title of a news item on the BB website. It refers to the HMs’ weekly task, but could just as easily be about Big Brother viewers since Bodie & TJ were evicted on Day 22.

“What — do — you — want — from — me?” Bodie was at times suffocated by TJ’s attentions. Her answer was delivered to the Diary Room, not Bodie: “I want to be loved. I have a lot of love to give.” The Guru doubts TJ not one iota, and admires her for exposing her emotional core on national television. Together or not, their journeys in the House had only just begun.

Bodie had an impressive knack of getting under the skin of other HMs while generally* not being irritating on-screen. “I think each day more and more people get a bit more pissed off with things that you do.” growled Andrew. “I respect your feelings, but I'm not going to change — sorry,” retorted Bodie. This, of course, is exactly the sort of building conflict that makes for great viewing — you know it’s just a matter of time until ‘World War III’!

“God, don't let it be a double eviction with me and TJ, I'm begging you!” Sadly, Bodie’s god was not inclined to intervene, doubtless due to having a bit of a crush on TJ**, who’d said to Bodie “...if there was a double eviction this weekend I would like it if it was you and I.”

Bodie’s (and The Guru’s) nightmare scenario

“If you evict the interesting ones you are only punishing yourself!” Those were the sage words of Gretel on Day 18. And after six seasons you would hope the voting public was cottoning on to this concept — a houseful of dull, bland housemates makes for dull, bland television. OK, so Hayley and Emma are still in there, but it’s unlikely either would survive a public vote. And without provocation, they, too, don’t exactly light up the screen.

And then there’s the rationed sleep task. “Ever since this task started, the main topic of conversation in the House has been how tired everyone is.” These words, taken from the above-mentioned article, hardly bode well for gripping TV.

The Guru isn’t writing off Season 7 of Big Brother; it’s just a great shame such promising housemates have been lost so early on.

* The Guru will draw a veil over Bodie’s frequent rallies to chant. But here’s hoping the remaining HMs heed the words of Mike and Bree on Up-Late: “Please stop chan-ting! Please stop chan-ting!”

** Well, Bodie’s god is only human!

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